My name is Valeria Mejia, I am currently a junior West Early College high school. I was born March 5, 2001. I am a very happy and chill person. I have two brothers and another baby on the way. I like to play volleyball, basketball and soccer. I play both volleyball and basketball for my school. I am planning to graduate from West Early College. I hope that in the future when I have my own house I am going to have a fridge full of all kinds of food. I want to be a general surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The reason why I started looking at medical stuff is because I watch a show called Greys Anatomy!!! Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show of all times. If you have never watched it the you need to watch it ASAP!!! Another thing about me is that I love to dance. I go to a lot of parties and I am never sitting down. I am always on the dance floor dancing to Mexican  music. Another thing about me is that I love listening to J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott. They are my favorite rappers of all time.

Valeria Mejia, Reporter

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