West vs Pinnacle

Lidia Lemos

December 5, 2018

Why You Should Listen to Me My name is Lydia Lemos, I am a junior at West Early College and I have been a football manager since my freshman year. My dad graduated from West in ´98 along with my godfather Kenny who also gradu...


Armando Irazaba

December 5, 2018

Volleyball Volleyball is a sport played by two teams that consists of 12 players, 6 on each side. The two teams are separated by a net in the middle of the court. The point of the game is to try to ground the playing ball on...

Softball Appreciation

November 12, 2018

When fall sports occur in high school, it is all about Football during the season. It’s the time high school students get excited for homecoming, and all are pumped to support the players at their home games. Posters are made, a...

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