After School Detention

Kallie Jost & Stephanie Martinez

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After School Detention

(Mandatory After-School Detention)


After school detention began around two weeks ago due to low grades under 60% in Science. After school detention is important to attend because it furthers students to get their grade up and improve themselves in science. 30 to 50 students attend M.A.D including only sophomores and freshmen. Improvement has been made including a student whose grade has improved over 25% in their grade, most students’ grades has improved over 20%. Most students that have attended were glad they went to improve their grade and GPA, although this program is after school, many kids have interruptions like sports, family life, etc. Even with these blockers kids still choose to show up and work hard. According to Liko Gomez, the program has worked and many things he has missed in class were made up. “…Getting that extra help and having more time to do canvas now works with my grade…” Liko was glad he went because he felt as if he is caught up and nows how to stay up with his grade. Liko was put into after school detention due to an F in Mrs. Brown’s class, after M.A.D his grade has improved significantly. Liko mentioned that this is only for science at the moment and wishes more cores had M.A.D, According to Mr. Walter, Social Studies M.A.D will begin next week. Because of the improvement in science they figure this will work for more cores. Walter states, “…That (M.A.D) was the purpose all along to add more subjects to help our students as the year continues…” Students have seen many improvement through very little time, and as more kids enter and leave we won’t have F’s or D’s.

In conclusion, Mandatory After-School detention has been a success, though it may be a pain to some students, it is fairly successful for grades and students alike.

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