Advice to Stay Up In School

Briana Solis

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School may be getting hard as you move into a new grade. We get more homework this year and more projects and assignments this year. As students we need to keep our grades and stay on top of our assignments and homework.


One way we can use to stay up in school is setting a good mindset for ourselves. Setting a good mindset for ourselves can motivate us to do better in school. If we set an mindset that we can do better and get our grades up in our classes and keep up with our other assignments, we will surely be able to become a great student. Doing this can motivate us to do better because if we give us hope and saying we can do this instead of bringing ourselves down, then we should be able to become a stronger student. Having a good mindset is important because no one will ever motivate you as much as you motivate yourself.


Another useful way to keep up with your school work and homework is using resources. You can use resources to help you stay up by setting reminders on your phone to do homework. There are more resources other than your phone as well. There are planners, dry erase calendars that you can put in your room, or sticky notes posted on your walls or fridges. Planners are a more useful way in my opinion because if you’re in class and your teacher says something might be due soon and you can write it right then and there. If you use resources to help you manage your time and when you do your work than everything will be more organized and way easier.


To conclude, staying up is very hard but it can be easier if you truly put in the effort to stay up or get your grades up. Nothing will ever improve if effort is not put in. We all want to walk across the stage and we all will because we are all intelligent students who are smart enough to stay up in school.

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