Student’s 5 Year Goals

Lydia Lemos, Interviewer

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Student 5 Year Goal interview


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Students at West Early College hardly ever get ask this question. Do you ask yourself that question? We interviewed four students from each grade to see how they felt about the future and not the future with school. Each student we asked the same 4 questions; Where do you see yourself in 5 years?, Do you know what you want to do for a career? And what would it be?, Are you serious about being successful and reaching this goal?, Lastly does anyone inspire you? If so who?.


Freshman 5 Year Goal

A freshman student known as Angelica Lovato was had the dream to become a lawyer, but also wants to be a counselor. In 5 years from now Angelica wants to mostly wants to be in law school. In her life her father has always been the person that motivates her to be successful mainly because “He had kids at a very young age and wasn’t able to go to college because he had to take care of me and my siblings.”


Sophomore 5 Year Goal

The sophomore student we interviewed was Julian Lemos whose dream has had many dream career but is now wanting to become a musical engineering producing music because of his older brother. In 5 years from now Julian want to be in college making life decisions getting ready to make 6 figures. He is very motivated to become a music producer because of his father who has done so much for Julian and that makes him want to repay him for all of it.


Junior 5 Year Goal

Now for the junior class Raven Valdez wants to hopefully be in college in 5 years to become a Pediatrician. The person that motivates her was her grandma because her grandma went to college and now Raven want be make her grandma proud. Knowing she wants to make her grandma proud Raven is very serious about her education and her success.


Senior 5 Year Goal

The last person we decided to interview was Senior Angela Solis. In 5 years from now Angela want to be in her senior year of college to for sports medicine. After college Angela wants to either become an athletic trainer or a coach. The people that motivate her are her best friends because “they help me reach for the sky” angela says. The reason why she is so motivated to succeed is so that she can “make bank”.


“ When you feel like quitting remember why you first started in the first place.” – Lydia Lemos (11th grade student)

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