Advice For Students by Students

Stephanie Martinez Zuniga, Kallie Jost

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 Advice for classmate/students

     From students

Advice for Student Athlete

“Success  on the field means nothing without success in

the classroom.”

  • Rolando Perales-Rodríguez


Advice for Managing classes

“ Use the class time is to do work and make sure you manage your class time to focus on a specific class you are in.”

  • Odette T. Mireles


Advice for Good Habits

“We become the habits we act upon, so choose those that help you succeed.”

  • Litzy L, Canche-Cardoz


Advice for after highschool

“After highschool I worked in construction and nursing for two summers while in college. Having time management in high school is just as important out in the real world.”

  • Mr. Ammerman

Advice for Managing social and school life

“A way I get to manage my life and social life is by prioritizing the work I would be able to finish the fastest or the most important thing due. For example, I will go hang out with my buddies but I will do my work when I get home before it the end of the day.”

  • Sammy Diaz


    Advice for Studying

“Studying with flashcards or even going over your school can make a big difference within my grade.”

  • Felix, A Cano-Montes


Advice for Education

“My number one rule not only for school but life in general is to look at the bright side of everything thing. Time management is such an important thing to prioritize especially when you procrastinate.”

  • Nhi Duong


Advice for Friendship

“As you grow up you eventually realize that your huge group of friends slowly shrank and that you only need one or two friends you can always count on.”
– Amy Cera


Advice for College Classes

“Keeping up with school, work and sports isn’t the easiest, I can do it because I know I can handle anything I am determined to succeed at.”

  • Alyssa Ledesma
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