Softball Appreciation

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When fall sports occur in high school, it is all about Football during the season. It’s the time high school students get excited for homecoming, and all are pumped to support the players at their home games. Posters are made, announcements of “pack the house” are made and everything. It is a fun time, even for other fall sports such as track and volleyball, although isn’t there something missing? Aren’t those all of the fall sports? I don’t think so. Softball is a fall sport that most high schools (especially West) forget about. The teamplayers work just as hard as other sports and deserve the recognition they put in the work for.

West Early College softball team has had rough seasons for years. For about 4 years now, the team has had a losing streak that has not been changed. The problem is consistency from the players.  It’s rough finding girls that are dedicated to the sport, because most give up once they lose one game, or mess up during the game. Almost every season, the softball team has gotten new players that have no experience of playing softball, making the coach have to start new every year. Because of the lack of pride, it has caused the student body to merely forget about the sport, some not even knowing there was softball at west! At morning meetings at West Early College on Wednesdays, fall sports were something that was announced almost every time. Coach Wallie would announce what sports had a game that upcoming week, and would announce whether they won or not. Track, volleyball and football were all sports that were announced. Softball hadn’t of been announced, or even acknowledged, until I said something. I had not seen softball up on the screen, until the week after I shouted out the team. I mentioned that we may not be as good as we should, but we put in the work and try as best as we can.

During the season, girls softball at West Early College practiced everyday after school, for about 2 hours. During this time, we would clean the field ourselves, and get it ready to be practiced on. During a home game, I had to slide from 3rd to home base in order to make it safe, and I ripped a hole in my pants, as well as scarred my knee with the wound caused from the rocks. Another player in outfield was not able to play after she was hit in the head with a ball that popped up at her after it hit the uneven grass- something that should have been fixed. Little injuries like this may seem minor, but the main cause of it all is what frustrates the coach and the team. We know that with a little support from the student body, as well as admin, the softball team can grow over time and become the best.

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