Cowboys Football

Our boys win their first game of the season despite difficulty in the Pre-Season.

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Why You Should Listen to Me

My name is Lydia Lemos, I am a junior at West Early College and I have been a football manager since my freshman year. My dad graduated from West in ´98 along with my godfather Kenny who also graduated from West and was the middle school dean from 2013-16 here at West Early College. My dad also created the youth wrestling and jr. west cowboys here at West about 5 years ago so I have been around west football for more than the time I started here at west. Even though I didn’t start here at west in middle school I have been part of the west football team for many years.


We won the first game of the season!

The last two years Denver West football has always only one game every season and every season that win was against Jefferson high school, but this year the West Cowboys have a tough schedule and the first win of the season was against Pinnacle.

For the last 2 years we have had the same Quarterback from Kipp who had just graduated with the class of 2018. We have had players come and go throughout the summer practices who were interested in being the varsity QB but when the actual season came we ended up with no quarterback, so the coaches had to make a choice for a quarterback who ended up being a senior this year who has been a wideresever for 4 years now on the West team. In the 2018-19 football season, there have been new players that haven’t played ever in their lives that have been putting in work since April of 2018 and there are some players that have been playing football since they were in elementary, no matter what place or when the player has started everyone on the team have been working together and pushing each other to get where everyone wants to be. The 2019 class football players have all wanted since their freshman year to at least make it to playoffs, so as seniors they have the rest of the team yell Playoffs whenever they leave a huddle and when they do their warm ups. Football isn’t just a team here at West it is a family that pushes each other.


First half of the winning game

The first official football game was August 31, 2018 but this game was not just like every other game.

All Denver West Football fan would know that in any game the cowboys have played we wouldn’t score anything until the next half but that is what made this game so different. In the first quarter of the game the cowboys made their first touchdown to put the score 6-0, unfortunately wasn’t able to get the extra point for the field goal, but that didn’t stop them. As the game kept going on we had some points in the game that got somewhat crazy. At the end of the first quarter we had made another touchdown but still no field goal but still brought the score up to 12-0. As the game went on we kept making touchdown after touchdown, in the second quarter of the first half the cowboys made the last touchdown for the half which brought the score to 16-0 and instead of kicking the ball we ran it which got us 2 extra points for the field goal which got is 20-0. Being at west game regularly that is a big difference, if it was a game last year the score would have been flipped to where we would have been losing.


Pinnacle made their first touchdown

After the team halftime group talk west started to slowly go down.

Once we came back to the game Pinnacle was starting to get yards and started to get closer to their endzone. During the second half the cowboys started to argue, push and shove the other team. The frustration of everyone on the field led the team so slowly give up and and push. With the team slowing down led Pinnacle to get their first touchdown of the night. After Pinnacle made the touchdown West called a timeout and after the cowboys were back they kept push and started to get yards back. West got so close to the end zone so many times but Pinnacle kept stopping us went back a few times but not so far it made it hard for us to make another touchdown. By the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 20-6. Finally in the 4th and final quarter Pinnacle wasn’t able to stop the cowboys anymore which got us the winning touchdown.

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