Sunken Gardens- Paradise Lost?

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Sunken Gardens is a park also known as Sunkens, that is across the street from West High School. It is usually a hangout for most students who don’t make the best decisions. For that reason, Sunken Gardens was permanently closed for all students who attend West. There are fair reasons to why students aren’t allowed to be in the park, however, there are equal reasons to why students should be allowed in the park.

The reason why our school was kicked out of Sunken Gardens was because students thought it was a good idea to smoke weed there during lunch. After the people who live near sunkens started to witness students smoking, they got fed up with us and reported it to the city. Soon after that complaint against West was reported, the mayor told the officials that we are not allowed to be at sunken gardens. As far as what WEC thinks, they believe it is unfair for all to be banned, just because some students chose to ruin it for others. Many other students like to spend their lunchtime at sunkens. However, people who live around the park think it was a good because they don’t wanna see kids smoking. Also, there are homeless people there who could possibly be doing something more dangerous.

Starting this 2017-18 school year, students are not allowed to be at Sunken Gardens during school hours. One reason being, is because students decide to ditch and smoke weed. Another reason is because we’re here to learn. You come to school to learn not to ditch almost every day. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who get hit by cars on Speer Blvd. As people cross Speer Blvd from sunken gardens,  they sometimes get hit by cars! There are also drug dealers around. The school cares about our safety which is why these rules were put into place. These are the main reasons we are not allowed at Sunken Gardens.

The new rules of sunken gardens have affected our school in many different ways. One of the ways this affected the school, is that  people who actually just wanna hang out at sunkens can’t because if the new rule. Secondly, this has caused West school admin to become more strict, and enforce more rules on us. However, the major effect that this gives our school,.is the never ending stereotypical view of West High School  and our underperforming students.. Some students disagree with the new rules, although they have to recognize that there are younger students who will follow other students footsteps and do the same thing. We are trying to break the cycle.

In my own opinion, I don’t believe that it’s fair to get a piece of public property taken away from us for incidents that most West students aren’t entirely at fault for. There are multiple solutions for this issue and it’s not only up to the adults in our school to handle and deal with this. The students should also create solutions. Some of which include:

-Clean up our park.

  • To prove, in some way,  that West has a lot to contribute to the community especially since we are the face of the park, and need the park for games and activities teachers might host.
  • Another solution can be to have a chaperone to be watching the park during school hours or/and lunch periods.
  • A large solution which is also the most possible,  recommended from our vice principal, Mrs. Lopez, is to re-assign our administration’s positions in the morning to surround our building. Meaning, West’s administration has specific positions in the morning, lunch, and after school either to be in the front of the school, on one of the sides, or the main hallway depending on the time of the day.
  • Move admin or adults in other parts of the school, like the field or the back of the school.


To conclude, this is why students were permanently kicked out of Sunken Gardens during school hours. Students ditched, smoked, and did many things they were not supposed to. There are also homeless men and women who roam Sunken Gardens. West Cares about the students safety. WEC’s dean, Warren Harding says, “It’s safe and better.”

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