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Mr.Cooke and his brilliant choir team of West Early College have worked hard together, to put an album up on soundcloud! The project is yet to be completed, although Cooke and his quoir crew have started the album last week. They have created covers of songs with instrumentals from the musical ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. Also, songs like ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa and ‘Four Chords’ by the Axis of Awesome. Cooke says they haven’t put as much work into the songs as much as he’d like, but they’re hoping to finish in a few weeks. He says students will have access to the songs once they come out by uploading a link for students to follow. It will also be on Mr. Cookes soundcloud.  Also, if everything goes to plan and they finish the songs they need, one will most likely be played during a morning meeting! I’m sure you’re hoping to listen to these songs just as much as the rest of WEC is and we wish Mr. Cooke and his quoir classes the best of luck!

Do you think this is the future of school concerts? The world of technology has made digital media such a fast and reliable source for all events, that all news and entertainment events will eventually be broadcasted digitally! The big change has yet to officially set in, but the way things have been going, it seems as if there will be no more concerts! Would you rather listen to concerts through a computer, or go watch the event live?

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