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“ Anxiety for me came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Depression affects most people at some point in life. Depression is common amongst teenagers, it can be treated but will stay with that person forever. Depression can be triggered by multiple things like stressful events, if a close family member has depression, or even for no obvious reason. It can cause people to lose any lack of motivation that they have. This can make people’s habits change drastically like their sleep schedule, loss of concentration, and oftentimes even make people have thoughts of suicide.

We interviewed a student named Eduardo at West who is facing depression himself. “My depression started at 14 years… I have faced depression and still am” he stated. A lot of people can’t get rid of their depression. They can get help from therapists and psychologists and also by using antidepressants but it will always be a part of them one way or another.

“My grades started dropping and lost hope in general so I had loss of motivation”. Some of the side effects of depression is their loss of energy and lack of motivation to do anything. This can cause an effect in that person’s education and also in their quality of work.

“No I have not gone to a therapist and psychologists”  People often times don’t like to talk to other people about their depression because they’re either embarrassed or just don’t want to talk about it because they don’t think that it is worth talking about.

“Overwhelming with work and family problems.” Even when depression may come at the worst times in a person’s life it can always be faced and treated with the right medications and help from a professional.

If you or someone you know has depression don’t think that you can face it by yourself. Tell an adult and try to seek help in order to suppress it so that it won’t take over your life.


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