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West Early College has been improving for the past couple of years with the school going from the red to the yellow and there has been an improvement in the test scores. So it’s reasonable to conclude that students are becoming more motivated in class. However, from the people I talk to on an everyday basis it seems that students are becoming less and less motivated in school.

Eduardo a junior who I interviewed on the topic had said that he was not motivated in school because “it feels likes teachers have lost most of their motivation.” When asked about what class he feels least motivated in he said, “Physics class because she doesn’t teach us she just tells us to do work.” When I had asked him about if he ever was motivated in high school he said, “Freshmen year because high school was very hyped up but it turned out to be very disappointing.” He had also mentioned that his motivation affects his work greatly by the fact when he isn’t motivated the work turns out very poorly.

Alina is a senior who I also interviewed  and she had said she lacks motivation because, “I fell from number two to number eleven in the class rankings.” She feels not as motivated as before because she is no longer at the top of her class. She also says that she is the least motivated in her, “college english class because I find it boring and I find myself getting easily distracted.” She had also said that the last time she was motivated two years ago.

There are multiple reasons for decline in motivation in students and in particular upperclassmen it could just be loss of interest. However, it could be fatigue from being in school for so long. The loss of motivation could also be accounted to students feeling what they’re learning in school will never be applied to their life after school. Still some students are motivated to do well in school because they feel that they would have a chance at a good future.

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