Latin/x Lit goes to El Movimiento

Santiago Calzada and Erminio Calzada

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On Tuesday 17 of October the West Early College Latinx literature class went to the Colorado History Museum. There were three exhibitions that they showed the class there was the chicano movement, the japanese concentration camps, and the Ku Klux Klan exhibit.


One of the three points we saw was the “Chicano Movement” and how unequal chicanos were treated. The chicanos fought for equal rights and they just wanted to be treated like normal citizens. Ricardo and Angel were the tour guides and were strong activist and highly involved during the Chicano Movement. Ricardo walked from Pueblo to Denver to protest and because he was an activist. Angel Vigils dad received  a purple heart because he got shot twice on his leg. Angel Vigil is also the head education coordinator at the colorado history museum and he was a school teacher for 31 years.


The second exhibit was about the japanese concentration camps. The exhibit showed them how small the barracks were the museum, although at the museum the barracks was enlarged because of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The tour guide had mentioned that their was a group of three brothers who were at war and their parents were at the concentration camps. Two of the three brothers were killed during the war.


The third point that we saw was the Ku Klux Klan controlled the government from the 1920-1960. Then Black people couldn’t own land because the government said so and that was the only reason Edwin Regnier and Robert Ewalt gave away their land was because blacks couldn’t live a happy american life. The blacks were being terrorized by the KKK who were in the government.

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