Motivation on PRIDE

Anastasia Samora, Reporter

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Dear West Rodeo News,

Many students at west have not understood the importance of integrity and purpose in PRIDE. Their purpose for attending school, and the integrity to get everything important done. They have not realized we live in a “cultured poverty”. Meaning, we need to break the stereotype of the lack of college-ready students we have in the latino neighborhoods. “We cannot afford average,”  stated an anonymous teacher, a teacher at WEC. We need to rise above the negative thoughts and show some leadership. Everytime I get at one of my students or athletes for doing something wrong, they always tend to point the finger and avoid taking the blame. It happens every time. They need to start manning up and stop pointing fingers, same goes for everyone in school when it comes to academics. What can I do to make everyone at West realize this?


Dear Anonymous Teacher,

This is good this topic was brought up because I too have noticed the lack of motivation and determination within our students here at West. The best thing I would advise to do would be to remind your students of their future and how their choices make a big impact on it. Every decision your students make, like ditching or not engaging in class, affects them in the future. Every absence and referral will catch up to them, then they will realize they should have made better choices. There is so much more  for us to  that doesn’t involve reading, writing or math. We need to understand why integrity and purpose are so important, why we need to come to school not only for the tests and presentations. I think the best way for you to have your students realize this importance, is not only by academics, but with some knowledge of the real world. Hopefully, it will strike some change.



West Rodeo News

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Motivation on PRIDE