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Adriana Banuelos, Reporter

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The new pallet is coming out! All girls are hype about all the new make up that is coming out. Make up is such a universal thing. There are multiple things that you can do with it, makeup is an evolving thing, there are new trends happening all the time.

Different people have their own preferences such as some may love a full face beat whereas others may like a more natural look. There are people who love a bright highlight whereas others don’t. People love dark colors (burgundy) and others love light colors such as (yellows and pinks)

“Makeup works by enhancing facial contrast” ( Makeup isn’t to change the way you look as everyone thinks it is, but it is used to enhance your facial features.

Everybody is welcome to do their makeup and have fun with it. A lot of people believe makeup is only for girls when in reality it isn’t, there are great male makeup artists such as Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, and Patrick Starrr.

There are multiple brands and people are able to choose which brands they prefer to use. Most of their decisions are based off the price of the brand, the quality of the brand, and the brand itself.

There are higher end brands such as Too Faced, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills etc,.  There are people who believe they don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good makeup, some of the brands that aren’t very expensive but are still really good are Maybelline, NYX, L’OREAL, etc,.

Some brands provide better quality than others, some makeup brands have higher pigmentation than others. People also base their opinions on rather the brand is cruelty free or not. Most people prefer not to buy from companies that they know test their products on animals. Everyone is welcome to try it even if they don’t want to spend a lot of money on it or if they don’t like an extremely beat face.

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Make Up