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1st Amendment NFL Rights

Gianni Rogers, Adriana Banuelos, and Diego Guzman

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Diego Guzman

In recent news the president of the united states Donald Trump was crying about people’s rights to protest. Trump was talking about NFL players and how they were protesting by taking a knee. So yesterday ,9/24/17, teams gathered together and protested together. Basically, Trump was preventing the players rights of freedom of speech.


Quote- “Nike supports athletes and their freedom of expression on issues that are of great importance to our society” (Nike)


Adriana Banuelos

Taking a knee during the national anthem relates to the first amendment because the first amendment states you have the right to freedom of speech and you also have the right to protest. Trump states that if you take a knee during the national anthem you should be fired but i feel like they should have the right to do as they please especially since there’s a reasoning behind their actions. Their actions are protected by the first amendment which states they have the right to protest if they don’t believe in a certain thing. Donald Trump should not even have a say on what fotball players do their time.


Quote- “ Brady was responding to the controversy Trump sparked when he referred to stand during the national anthem as “son of bitches” at a rally in Alabama Friday night a reference to a protest begun by Colin Kaepernick against police brutality and racial inequality” (CNN)


Gianni Rogers

Players are standing up for their freedom that they have. They are sending a message that they have rights, and that everyone should be equal.These football players shouldn’t stop protesting because everyone should be equal and have a voice. Julius Thomas explains why he took a knee.He took a knee because he wanted to let people know that they should have a voice. He is also saying that he does not condone that Trump is trying to intimidate people.


Quote-”Lots of people don’t have a voice, and i wanted to tell those folks that they are not alone. I use my position to try empower everybody who seeks equality’ (Julius Thomas)

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1st Amendment NFL Rights