Donald Trump – A Disgrace to America

Gianni Rogers, Reporter

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“Build that wall! Build that wall!” was being shouted by many people in a movement that were supporting Donald Trump.

1.Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America, and he is disrespectful and not too sensible, which shows the discrimination in the U.S. today. He claims to not be racist but he hates non-whites, liberals, gays, immigrants, foreigners, the mentally challenged, and Muslims. He is also trying to get rid of Obamacare, but it helps improve access to health insurance for many people. Taking away Obamacare will not be good because it helps poor people cover their medical expenses.

2.Donald Trump is starting a war, which is pivotal to the U.S. because it can endanger everyone in the country. There is conflict between North Korea and the United States. He also launched missiles into Syria, which causes more conflict.

3.Donald Trump also plans on ending the DACA program. He plans on “making America  great again” but taking away the DACA program isn’t the best idea if he plans on doing so. The DACA program is an American immigration policy that allows certain immigrants to go to school and get workers permits. Donald Trump only plans on doing this because he hates all immigrants.


Mark Zuckerberg stated, “It is particularly cruel to offer young people the American dream, encourage them to come out of the shadows and trust our government, and then punish them for it.”  It is depressing that people came to the United States for a better life, and someone is taking that opportunity away from them.

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Donald Trump – A Disgrace to America