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Student elections are happening now! The positions to run for are president, vice president, student body president, and secretary. There are two candidates running for each position. They’ll have until the 20th to campaign and get students to vote for them. The actual voting will happen during your college summit class on the 21st or 22nd of September.


If they manage to win one of these positions, there are a lot of advantages to having this position. It’ll look good on their resume, a lot of skills that’ll carry out to the real world, such as become confident, self positive traits, speaking in front of people, etc.


“Much like our governments system class presidents, represent the interest the of their constituents. So they will take the desires, needs, and wants of their peers and be able to present them to our administration. In fact, it is the only governing body that does this.” (Daniel Walter)


The freshman’s running for vice President are Esgar Moya and Lino Cruz. The freshman’s running for presidents are Litzy Canche and JQ Miles. The sophomore running for vice president is Ruvi Cervantes. The sophomores running for president are Josiah Black Bear and Diana Hernandez.


The juniors running for vice president are Donald Arredondo and Valeria Mejia. The juniors running for president are Angel Hernandez and Israel Ruiz. The only senior running for vice president is Luis Ramirez. The seniors running for president are Cassandra Arreola, Cynthia Esparza and David Caraveo.


There is also a position for the entire student body president, the students running for this position are Destinee Perry and Jennifer Medina-Vera. Another position to run for is secretary, student that is running for this position is Mezly Avila.

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Student Elections